LIC’s Tech-Term is an “Online Term Assurance Policy” which provides financial protection. LIC’s Tech-Term policy can be purchased anytime, anywhere at your convenience. LIC’s Tech-Term is a non-linked, non-participating and pure risk premium plan. 

According to LIC, LIC’s Tech-Term is provides financial protection to the insured’s family in case of his/her unfortunate demise. 

This plan will be available through online application process only and no intermediaries will be involved.

Key features of LIC’s Tech-Term:

• Flexibility to choose from two benefit options: Level Sum Assured and Increasing Sum Assured.

• Flexibility to 

o Choose from Single Premium, Regular Premium and Limited Premium Payment

o Choose the Policy Term/Premium Paying Term

o Opt for payment of benefit in instalments.

• Special rates for women.

• Benefit of attractive High Sum Assured Rebate.

• Two categories of premium rates namely

(1) Non-Smoker rates and (2) Smoker rates. 

The application of Non-Smoker rates shall be based on the findings of the Urinary Cotinine test. In all other cases, the Smoker rates will be applicable. 

• Option to enhance your coverage by opting for Accident Benefit Rider on payment of additional premium for the rider benefit.

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